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Hilton & Hyland

About Hilton & Hyland

Hilton & Hyland is a top-producing global brokerage headquartered in Beverly Hills and the go-to agency for luxury real estate in Los Angeles. Founded in 1993 by Rick Hilton and Jeff Hyland, the firm has gained worldwide renown for brokering high-profile sales and record-breaking transactions. For nearly three decades, Hilton & Hyland has remained an independent and privately-owned real estate company. Without the influence of external investors or shareholders, the firm has maintained its core identity as a boutique brokerage for the most discerning buyers and sellers in LA. The agency dominates the luxury market as the leading authority on luxury real estate.

Hilton & Hyland Hilton & Hyland

Setting the standard in luxury real estate

  • $0B 2021 Total Sales
  • $25.0M Annual sales volume
    per agent
  • $6.0M Average Sales Price
    per transaction
  • 0 Sales priced $10m
    and above in 2021
  • #0 Dominant Market Share
    of the 2021 L.A Luxury Market
Ben Kruger &
Hilton & Hyland
Ben Kruger

Hilton & Hyland and Ben Kruger: A Partnership
of Experts

Ben Kruger is one of Hilton & Hyland’s top real estate agents. Since joining the company, Ben has established a loyal following among some of the most distinguished clientele in Los Angeles.

Ben’s unwavering commitment to his clients and tailored real estate strategies help advance the needs of both buyers and sellers. No two clients ever receive exactly the same real estate advice, yet Ben’s goal with any client remains the same: to deliver the absolute best representation.

Widely respected among the ranks of Hilton & Hyland agents, Ben Kruger is known for his extensive real estate knowledge, sharp business instincts, and unwavering honesty.

Notable Sales & Achievements

With its sole office in Beverly Hills, Hilton & Hyland is behind some of the most iconic real estate sales in Los Angeles, including:

  • The Chartwell Estate in Bel Air — sold for $150 million
  • The Playboy Mansion in Holmby Hills — sold for $100 million
  • Casa Encantada (also known as The Conrad Hilton Estate) in Bel Air — sold for $94 million
  • The Manor in Holmby Hills — sold for $85 million
  • The Liongate Estate in Bel Air — sold for $65 million
Notable Sales & Achievements Notable Sales & Achievements

Why Clients Love Working With
Ben Kruger

  • An active listener and strategic thinker
    Every partnership with Ben starts with an in-depth conversation about your real estate goals. Ben listens carefully to what you have to say – whether it’s a conversation about your home's value, the features you would like to see in your dream home, or your picture of a successful working relationship. He creates tailored strategies for your buying or selling goals, with clearly stated objectives.

  • A well-connected real estate professional
    In a competitive real estate market like Los Angeles, success in buying or selling a luxury property can hinge on the personal network of your real estate agent. Ben’s extensive network of brokers, property inspectors, and vendors serve as an invaluable resource for his clients. With Ben, you will never go blindly into the negotiating table. His resources and relationships increase the likelihood of a smooth and successful transaction.

  • An innovative marketer
    Ben utilizes the latest in digital and offline marketing to ensure your home achieves maximum visibility. Whether it’s using email and social media to reach more buyers or spreading the word through his wide network of agents and clients, Ben is a master of innovative marketing that places you and your listing ahead of the competition.

  • A business savvy agent
    Beyond helping clients find the best luxury homes for sale or vetting promising LA real estate buyers/investors, Ben puts emphasis on your long-term financial success. His focus is never just about securing your next transaction. For Ben, it is equally important to examine and explore the larger financial goals behind your transaction. With Ben’s sharply honed financial knowledge and business instincts, you have peace of mind knowing your home is also serving to grow your wealth.

Why Partner With Hilton & Hyland and Ben

Hilton & Hyland has broad and far-reaching networks in luxury real estate. The brokerage is a founding affiliate and key member of Forbes Global Properties, an invitation-only membership association of the top real estate professionals in the world.

In addition, Hilton & Hyland is also a valued partner at Luxury Portfolio International, a networking group that provides over 50,000 luxury homes with exposure to 200 countries and territories annually. The group has a combined annual global sales total of $372 billion. These high-level connections allow Hilton & Hyland to maintain a presence in all major luxury markets and cities in the world.

“Greater success is determined by our mutual belief that there is always more for you.”

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