Beverly Hills Flats

    Nestled between Sunset Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard lies The Flats, a neighborhood of graceful, undulating palm tree-lined streets and some of the largest single-family home lots in Beverly Hills. As the name implies, most of residential Beverly Hills is built on terraces and foothills. Just as aptly named, The Flats offer mostly level terrain, allowing opulent mansions to sprawl across the extra buildable acreage.

    Better yet for the active, healthy-living Los Angelinos who make this neighborhood their home, The Flats is that rare thing among LA’s elite neighborhoods—a pedestrian paradise, perfect for a brisk walk with the dog or a stroll to nearby elite shopping districts for a bite to eat or a little retail therapy, greeting friendly and affluent neighbors as you pass them on their own strolls. Just south of The Flats is the Beverly Hills Farmers Market, where residents can stock up on some of the freshest in-season produce in California.

    On the other side, just north of The Flats, is the Beverly Hills Hotel, a historic 5-star luxury inn that dates back to 1912 and sports the classic hotel color palette of pink and green. The Beverly Hills Hotel features high-end dining and cocktails and inspired the Eagles song “Hotel California.”

    The Flats is the quintessential upscale Los Angeles neighborhood, a favorite shooting location for local commercials. The extra-large lots range from 11,000 to 15,000 square feet on average and sport an impressive array of architectural styles. The curb appeal of the homes also benefits from the attentive public services of the City of Beverly Hills. A popular neighborhood for celebrities to live in, median home prices fall in the $9 million range, with headroom north of $17 million. For home-shoppers looking for an opulent, walkable neighborhood to live the good life, The Flats should definitely be on their radar.

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