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It’s one of the most famous pieces of real estate in the world. The birthplace of Paramount Pictures, of Warner Brothers, of Universal Pictures … there’s a reason that “Hollywood” is still synonymous with the film industry. Even though not every big picture is made there anymore, it’s a symbol of a golden era of moviemaking, of big stars and even bigger budgets, Oscar gold and outsized dreams under the gaze of the famous Hollywood sign.

Founded by “Father of Hollywood” Hobart J. Whitley, Hollywood started its life as 480 acres owned by Hobart, 120 of which were purchased by Harvey H. Wilcox. Wilcox’s wife recommended the name based on its use by her neighbor in Holly Canyon (now Lake Hollywood). Wilcox filed a deed for the parcel under the name “Hollywood” in 1887.

The area was incorporated in 1903, one year after the opening of the Hollywood Hotel. Director D.W. Griffith made Hollywood’s first film, In Old California, in 1910. The first motion picture studio opened in 1911. By the 1930s, Hollywood had the most prestigious, vertically-integrated film industry in the world.

Today, Hollywood is still a hub of entertainment industry activity. Paramount Pictures is still headquartered here. Tourists flock to Hollywood to explore Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards and its many world-famous attractions—TCL Chinese Theatre, the Hollywood Wax Museum, the Hollywood Hall of Fame—as well as to experience high-end shopping and dining.

Compact, laid out on a grid, and easy to navigate, Hollywood is also a great place for a diverse range of city-dwellers to call home. It features a range of architecture, with median home prices falling at $1.5 million but with many options above and below, ranging from funky bungalows to sleek condos to contemporary mansions. There’s Thai Town or Little Armenia, Spaulding Square, and East Hollywood … never a dull moment.

The glitz and glamor of Hollywood is alive and well for an elite, artsy class of homebuyer.

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