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Hollywood Dell

Hollywood Dell

Hollywood Dell is a cozy, residential pocket of East Hollywood Hills located in Los Angeles, California. The small community just east of the Cahuenga Pass was established in the 1920s as part of the original Hollywood Hills prior to the construction of the 101 Freeway. Today, Hollywood Dell is a blend of old-timers and newer residents, many creatives and industry professionals who are drawn to the area’s charm.

With a population just north of 1,000, Hollywood Dell is significantly smaller than nearby neighborhoods such as Whitley Heights and Beachwood Canyon. Yet Hollywood Dell’s central location in the heart of Hollywood provides similar convenience and proximity to Downtown Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. Homeowners also benefit to nearby attractions like the Hollywood Bowl and Franklin Village with restaurants, bars, bookstores, and shops.

It is worth noting that lower-than-average points for the Hollywood Hills make the Hollywood Dell an attractive option for budget-conscious home shoppers. So, is the Hollywood Dell a Good Neighborhood? Los Angeles magazine would say yes. In 2004, they included it on their LA list of “10 Best Neighborhoods You Have Never Heard Of.”

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