Hancock Park

    Time has been kind to Hancock Park. Developed as a haven for the Los Angeles elite in the 1920s, it has remained largely untouched since then, save for maintenance and preservation. Many of the prewar houses, occupied by early wealthy Angelenos, are still standing. The Hancock Park Historic Preservation Overlay Zone is one of the best-preserved gems of early Los Angeles development.

    This charming persistence of history, combined with the modern amenities of high-end along Wilshire Boulevard and in nearby Beverly Hills, means that Hancock Park is still a haven for high end homebuyers. Many film, television, and music stars chose to make their homes here, along with local politicians and a robust collection of LA-stationed foreign diplomats.

    What stands out when you stroll the orderly avenues of Hancock Park is not only the preserved architecture but also the generous lot size, many homes with 50-foot setbacks at the behest of the original subdivider, George Allan Hancock. The well-trimmed lawns stand out with their display of subtropical plants—not native to Los Angeles, but reflective of the sentiment of the early 20th Century to recreate LA as a tropical paradise.

    You will see sterling examples of period revival styles on every street here, including Tudor, Mediterranean, Monterrey, English, French, and Spanish Colonial. Not all of Hancock Park has escaped development, though—you will see a smattering of Modern and Contemporary mansions here too.

    Hancock Park is also ideally positioned adjacent to popular neighborhoods like Larchmont Village, La Brea, Miracle Mile, and Fairfax.

    But Hancock Park has a rhythm of its own. To step into Hancock Park is to step back into Hollywood’s Golden Age … and fall in love with the magic and romance of Los Angeles all over again.

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