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Carthay Circle

Carthay Circle

Blink and you might miss it—tucked between Beverly Hills and the Miracle Mile in one of the most central locations in LA, Carthay is one of the smallest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. But stop and stay awhile, and Carthay has a wow factor worthy of the neighborhoods that have become household names. This tiny pocket of affluence encompasses three Los Angeles Historic Preservation Overlay Zones and some of the most evocative pre-war vintage and revivalist homes in the region.

Despite covering barely a half-mile, Carthay is broken into separate sub-neighborhoods. Walking the residential sidewalks of Carthay Square is like a walk back in time, past revivalist Tudor and Spanish classic residences that date back to the neighborhood’s development before WWII.

South Carthay has the distinction of being built on the vegetable patch that supplied the first Ralph’s Market. Most of the Spanish-style homes here were designed by Spyros George Ponty after WWII and were intended to excite the elite tastes of the era. Even today they remain works of art.

Carthay Circle is the site of the historic Fox Carthay Circle Theater, reproduced in Disney’s California Adventure as a restaurant. The theater hosted the world premiere of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and many other classics.

The small but stunning selection of homes around here rarely comes on the market, but when they do the median list prices start just north of $1.7 million, a reasonable $826 per square foot considering the central location proximity to the Platinum Triangle.

It goes without saying—Carthay is one of the few truly walkable or bikeable neighborhoods in Los Angeles, which suits the ethnically-diverse residential population of older singles just fine. This includes the adjacent stretch of Fairfax designated as “Little Ethiopia,” where you can find some of the finest Ethiopian dining in the city.

Good things come in small packages. Take a leisurely walk through Carthay, past the statue of the Pioneer and some of LA’s best-preserved affluent homes … and make yourself at home!

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