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Introduction to

Beverly Hills

When it comes to luxury living in the United States, few places can compare with Beverly Hills. This is a city that has a reputation that precedes itself: Beverly Hills is synonymous with sophistication, affluence, and in many cases even extravagance.

Home to a population of roughly 34,000, this city is well-regarded as the epitome of the California Dream. After all, many of the world’s brightest stars in the entertainment industry, as well as the global economy’s biggest movers and shakers have been choosing Beverly Hills to be their home city throughout the past century.

The irresistible appeal of this city is not only anchored by the city’s glitz and glam. For some, living here also has practical merits. Located just 13 miles west of Downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Hills enjoys convenient proximity to the prolific economic opportunities and the wide array of cultural attractions that the City of Angels area has to offer.

Incorporated as a city in 1914, Beverly Hills has come a long way from being a former ranch land (formerly known as El Rodeo de las Aguas). Thanks to Hollywood couple Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, the city instantly developed a reputation for being the premier enclave for the affluent crowd in Southern California.

This sterling reputation remains today, with Beverly Hills homes being some of the most coveted properties on the West Coast. From exquisite mansions to sophisticated high-end condos, these high-end residential properties can be considered the stuff of many people’s ultimate dream lifestyles.

Luxury Homes For Sale

In Beverly Hills

The Beverly Hills luxury real estate market is the ideal place to look if your idea of a dream neighborhood involves artfully designed houses, sprawling landscaped lots, and peaceful neighborhood streets.

The selection of luxury homes for sale in Beverly Hills is arguably second to none. In this market, you can find the perfect combination of gorgeous mansions with bedroom counts that reach double digits, expansive lot sizes, and the most indulgent appointments and customized property features—all in the most desirable locations that Southern California has to offer.

Is it still any wonder how Beverly Hills properties easily break past the six-figure mark?
The multi-million-dollar price tags are part of the allure of this incredible city. Instead of turning away aspiring home buyers, these jaw-dropping home prices, in fact, draw more attention by flaunting Beverly Hills’ air of prestige and exclusivity. Prime real estate in the United States does not get any more aspirational than in Beverly Hills.

Luxurious Features Found

In Beverly Hills Homes

Inside these elegant mansions are spacious interiors with nothing but the finest finishes and appointments. Rooms and living spaces make the most of the expansive lots on which the houses rise to feature high ceilings and large windows. These create airy, bright spaces that are an absolute pleasure to occupy, especially with the constantly present California sun.

State-of-the-art appliance systems are a staple in these modern palaces, as well. Gourmet kitchens with high-end stovetops, wine coolers, and restaurant-style heating tables will let you live out your personal MasterChef dreams, while smart home features enable you to take control of every part of the house using a mere voice command or a simple tap on your smartphone.

Outside, the large, acre-sized lots commonly feature exquisite professional landscaping. These are not just your typical front lawns and backyards. Instead, you have more than enough room for a thriving private garden or a spacious courtyard that is perfect for hosting family gatherings and other social events. Your outdoor space can even include the playground of your kids’ dreams.

If there is one thing you must know about living in Beverly Hills, it should be that the homes here are more than just houses and lots. Instead, they represent entire lifestyles that are packaged around the homebuyer’s specifications.

With every property practically being the homeowner’s ultimate playground, luxury amenities in Beverly Hills can vary widely, depending on one’s preferences and personality.

These can range from common luxury features like swimming pools and private gyms, to uniquely personalized recreational rooms like private art galleries and wine cellars. Some homeowners even fashion their massive garages into veritable exhibits of their extensive luxury car collections. Whatever your favorite pastime or hobby is, you can have a dedicated space for it built-to-specification on your property.

Indeed, the opportunities for luxuriating in Beverly Hills are virtually limitless. It all depends on what your imagination wants to make out of your sprawling property.

Prominent Architectural Styles

In Beverly Hills

Prominent architectural house

Beverly Hills boasts of a diverse range of styles, including designs from award-winning, globally renowned architects.
If you are the type of homebuyer who chooses based on the design of the house, here is what you can expect in this city:

Spanish Colonial – This architectural style boomed during the early 1900s until the 1930s and has become a timeless look for many Southern California homes since. These homes are recognizable by their stucco exteriors with tile roofs and iron highlights.

Rural European – This architectural influence appears in house designs like the Tudor, English Cottage, and French Normandy. These houses have features like arched doorways, intricately designed fascia boards, and curved pathways that lead to the front door.

Art Nouveau – popular during the turn of the 20th century, this design embodies the stylistic and individualistic flair of the Beverly Hills luxury housing market. This style embraces dynamism and flow, inspired by natural forms of plants and flowers.

Traditional – This umbrella term includes modest but elegant styles like American Colonial, Neoclassical, Cape Cod, and Georgian architecture. Homes built in this style exhibit a flowing aesthetic, with open floor plans for the interiors that connect to inviting outdoor spaces for private relaxation or for entertaining.

Contemporary – Modern and post-modern house designs fall into this category. These houses are typically recognizable for their clean lines and angles, irregular frames, and tall glass panels. Contemporary homes are also known for incorporating nature and the outdoors into interior design.

A Guide To

Beverly Hills Neighborhoods

Another great way to find your ideal Beverly Hills home is by choosing the right neighborhood that best suits your needs or preferences. Read on for a quick overview of the main sections of the city that can perfectly match your tastes.

Long-time Beverly Hills residents often refer to two main portions of the city as either “north of the tracks” or “south of the tracks.” This refers to the division created by Santa Monica Boulevard, where the Pacific Electric Railway Company’s Red Line once traversed.

The part of the city north of the tracks includes the following neighborhoods:

Trousdale Estates – Located at the northernmost portion of the city, Trousdale Estates is one of the most affluent places to live not only in Beverly Hills but also in the entire country. This enclave is where one can find Beverly Hills’ very own “Billionaire’s Row,” a quarter-mile stretch of the most magnificent palatial homes rising on idyllic headlands overlooking the greater Los Angeles cityscape.

The Beverly Hills Gateway – Home to a number of iconic Beverly Hills landmarks like the Greystone Mansion and Beverly Hills Hotel, this neighborhood is another popular choice among luxury homebuyers, making it one of the most expensive parts of the city, as well.

The Flats – This place is nestled between Sunset and Santa Monica Boulevards. It gets its name from its primarily level topography, unlike the previous two areas which are more elevated. At The Flats, homebuyers typically find sprawling lot sizes ideal for building stately mansions


Neighborhoods that belong south of the tracks include:

Downtown Beverly Hills– This part of the city is what most people instantly think of when they hear the name “Beverly Hills.” Also known as the “Golden Triangle,” this area is the commercial core of the city, where both luxurious retail and dining destinations, as well as essential community amenities and services, are located.

Doheny SW and SE– Located south of Rodeo Drive are two residential areas that both go by Doheny. Some of the most affordable homes in Beverly Hills can be found here, blending seamlessly into the area’s symmetrical grid layout.

Roxbury Park– This neighborhood is named after the local park of the same name, which is one of the city’s most favorite destinations for casual, family-friendly recreation


La Cienega Park – Another neighborhood named after its local park, this residential area is ideal for fitness-minded homebuyers because of La Cienega Park’s extensive selection of sports facilities and workout stations.

Ready to explore luxury properties and neighborhoods in Beverly Hills? Click here to start browsing the latest available listings. You can also get in touch with local luxury Realtor Ben Kruger to be the first to know about exclusive, off-market listings as soon as they are made available.

Life In

Beverly Hills

The joys and benefits of living in Beverly Hills come in a variety of ways. When you own a luxurious home here in Hills, you can look forward to enjoying these exceptional perks as part of your upscale lifestyle:

Arts and Entertainment

With an enduring reputation for being a city of stars, it comes as no surprise that art and entertainment play a prominent role in enriching the local lifestyle in Beverly Hills.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the organization which hands out the prestigious Oscar Awards each year, is based here and typically holds exhibits and screenings of award-winning cinematic masterpieces in the city’s theaters. Television is also well represented here, thanks to The Paley Center for Media and its regular slate of events and showcases.

For fans of the performing arts, noteworthy attractions in this city include the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts and Theatre 40.

Landmarks and destinations

While luxury properties in Beverly Hills are known to cover wide expanses of land, residents still have plenty of reasons to step out and explore the local attractions. After all, there is always plenty of California sunshine throughout most of the year in this city.

Not only that, but there is a great variety of worthwhile destinations to discover here.

Outdoor recreation is not limited to casual strolls in green spaces like Franklin Canyon Park and the popular Beverly Gardens Park. Here, you can also discover historic sites and landmarks such as:

The Greystone Mansion – The historic Doheny estate is an iconic Tudor Revival mansion that has been featured in several high-profile films throughout the years.

Virginia Robinson Gardens – This gorgeous botanical garden is built on the grounds of a historic estate that dates back to 1911.

Spadena House – With its unmistakable appearance that one may say is taken straight out of a children’s storybook, this 1921 structure is endearingly called “The Witch’s House.”


When you live in a place where you can rub elbows with the stars, you know that the party scene is something you definitely must experience. If this is your idea of fun and recreation, the legendary Sunset Strip, which connects Beverly Hills to LA’s West Hollywood neighborhood, is the best place to be as you wind down your day.

The Concerts on Canon series, held at the Canon Gardens every summer, is another worthwhile way to enjoy the Beverly Hills nightlife.


Rodeo Drive is one of the most iconic locations in Beverly Hills. In fact, its towering palm trees and glamorous storefronts may be some of the images that first come to mind when the city’s name is mentioned.

But the truth is, Rodeo Drive is just a small part of the luxury retail mecca that is Beverly Hills’ “Golden Triangle.” The entire downtown area boasts more than 100 brand-name retail outlets where you can splurge to your heart’s content. The European-style walkable shopping area on Two Rodeo Drive is certainly worth checking out.

For your regular supply of fresh produce that is certified to be grown in-state, the Beverly Hills Farmers Market is open every Sunday along Civic Center Drive.


There is no shortage of notable dining destinations in Beverly Hills. In fact, making a comprehensive list of restaurants, cafes, and eateries in this city is going to require its own entire webpage.

If you really must make a shortlist of Beverly Hills must-try dining hot spots, start with these:

The Grill on the Alley – One of the true icons in the Beverly Hills dining scene, The Grill first opened its doors in 1984 and has been serving unforgettable steaks and chops ever since.

Nate ‘n Al’s – Who says eating in Beverly Hills always has to be a fine dining experience? This deli dates back to 1945 and has stood the test of time thanks to its satisfying sandwiches and All-American fare.

Sprinkles Cupcakes – For one of the most unique dessert experiences you will ever have, get a rich cupcake from the original cupcake ATM

The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills – Despite its name, this place is more than just a cheese store. It is also a great place for indulging in a wine-and-cheese tasting. This signature monthly event tends to sell out, so be sure to make reservations in advance.


Families looking to move to Beverly Hills will be pleased to know that this Southern California city is an outstanding place for quality education. The Beverly Hills Unified School District is ranked #15 on’s list of the best school districts in the Greater Los Angeles area for 2020. Not only that, the BHUSD fares well across the whole state, too, with a ranking of #28 out of 440 school districts.

In addition to a top-ranking public school system, Beverly Hills is also home to a wide selection of excellent private schools such as the Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy, Good Shepherd Catholic School, and the Futures Academy


Ready To Search For Your Dream Home In Beverly Hills

Claim your personal slice of paradise with your very own multi-million-dollar mansion in beautiful Beverly Hills. To find the best opportunities available in the market—including access to exclusive, unlisted private listings—work with esteemed luxury agent Ben Kruger, an affiliate of the prestigious Hilton & Hyland real estate brand.

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