Best Places to Buy a Luxury Home in Los Angeles

    One of the best things about Los Angeles is its unique patchwork of amazing neighborhoods, each one with its history and character. Some of these areas are famous and highly sought after, while others are equally brilliant but underrated. And for those who are interested in buying luxury real estate in the city, this collection of vibrant neighborhoods make the choice both harder and exciting.

    On one hand, you are greeted with a great variety of luxury housing and lifestyle opportunities. On the other hand, you might have a harder time choosing where to live and what kind of home to purchase. To make it easier for you, Ben has narrowed down the best places in Los Angeles to buy a luxury home.

    Beverly Hills

    luxury homes in Beverly Hills

    Since time immemorial, Beverly Hills has been synonymous with Los Angeles luxury real estate. One of its zip codes, 90210, has even become a cultural marker for opulence and wealth not just in Los Angeles, but in the entire country.

    The market

    Beverly Hills real estate is characterized by an endless array of multimillion-dollar luxury estates tucked in ultra-private and exclusive enclaves. The architectural landscape is rich and exciting, sure to match all manners of style preferences. Palatial mansions in Georgian, Colonial, and Rural European styles pay homage to the glorious past, while striking Mid-Century Modern and Contemporary marvels offer sleek breaks from traditional designs.

    The neighbors

    Beverly Hills’ local population is star-studded. If you are not living next to a celebrity, you may be neighbors with movie industry heavyweights and successful entrepreneurs and their families.

    Other things to love

    Like a carefully cut diamond, Beverly Hills has many sets. The world is well acquainted with its glamorous side, but there is more to Beverly Hills than meets the eye. For fans of history, there are plenty of stories to unravel in the city, starting from its formation in the early 20th century to its deep connection with Hollywood.

    An unexpected characteristic of Beverly Hills is its peaceful environment. In stark contrast to the busy Sunset Strip and Downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Hills enjoys a slower pace of life. Serene pockets of green spaces dot the city. Perhaps it is one of the reasons why many established names in Hollywood and other industries prefer to make their homes in Beverly Hills.

    In addition to the fine selection of upscale shopping and dining, Beverly Hills is also home to an array of first-rate services and amenities. On top of the list are the local schools, public and private, that make Beverly Hills incredibly well-rounded and family-friendly.


    Aerial view of homes for sale in Encino, CA

    With Encino, Los Angeles dips its feet into the lush San Fernando Valley, just right on the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. This Los Angeles suburb is considerably farther from Downtown than other neighborhoods, but the outdoor opportunities here are plentiful and the atmosphere slower and relaxed.

    The market

    Los Angeles luxury real estate takes a more discreet and understated form in Encino. At the heart of the neighborhood are a wide variety of upscale single-family homes with spacious yards to better enjoy the pleasing climate and outdoor environment of Encino.

    The further you get away from the neighborhood center, however, the lots grow larger and the luxury estates more expansive, set among thick greenery and behind high gates. Luxury homes in Encino are elegant no matter the architectural style, be it Mid-Century Modern, Spanish Colonial, or Ranch.

    The neighbors

    Shielded and away from the spotlight, Encino is also a preferred address for many celebrities and high-profile individuals. They retreat to their private sanctuaries along with their friends and loved ones. Families and business leaders also make their homes in Encino.

    Other things to love

    Although it is considered a Los Angeles suburb, Encino feels very much like its own small town, just conveniently located near the sprawl of the City of Angels. The local community of 40,000 is active, friendly, and engaging— they frequent the local markets and establishments, from boutiques to restaurants. The farmers market here is also reputed to be one of the best in the entire Los Angeles County.

    The five-acre Los Encinos State Historic Park is a local landmark. It is not only an outdoor destination area but also a cultural attraction that celebrates Encino’s past and cultural diversity.

    Hollywood Hills

    Hollywood Hills homes for sale

    Hollywood Hills occupies a prestigious location literally and figuratively. Located in the lower slopes of the Santa Monica Mountains, one can say that the homes in Hollywood Hills have some of the best seats in Los Angeles, overlooking the sprawl. It is also the location of the world-famous Hollywood sign, one of Los Angeles’ most iconic landmarks.

    The market

    If you want a luxury home where you can see the grid of Los Angeles all laid out before you, Hollywood Hills is one of the best locations to invest in real estate. The market consists of stunning luxury homes that boast spectacular views of the city and the Santa Monica Mountains, no matter the time or the weather. The range of architectural styles in Hollywood Hills is just as diverse as Beverly Hills, featuring rustic Spanish Colonial estates, sleek modern homes, and stylish mid-century abodes.

    Hollywood Hills is also the location of some of Los Angeles’ most sought-after neighborhoods, such as Nichols Canyon, Laurel Canyon, Beachwood Canyon, and the Bird Streets in Hollywood Hills West.

    The neighbors

    If you live in Hollywood Hills, you might brush shoulders with celebrities and entertainers as well as well-known personalities in the Hollywood, movie-making, and TV production industries. Celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, critically acclaimed director Werner Herzog, and musician Billy Idol are all known to have homes in Hollywood Hills.

    Other things to love

    Hollywood Hills is ideally located. The length of Santa Monica Boulevard and the Sunset Strip is easily accessible from the area via the 101 and several other smaller roads that course down the neighborhood. So although Hollywood Hills offers elevated luxury living, all of the best shopping, dining, and entertainment in and around the area are a relatively short distance away.


    Brentwood Los Angeles homes for sale

    Criminally underrated Brentwood has some of the most interesting stories in Los Angeles. Established from a Mexican land grant, this upscale neighborhood was notorious in the 1990s because of the O.J. Simpson murder case. The community has long since moved one from this dark blot in the local history. After all, Brentwood offers so much more, from high-end shopping and homes to some of the best locally grown produce in Los Angeles.

    The market

    Beautiful is an apt word to describe Brentwood luxury real estate. Properties here may lack the glitz and glamour of the ones in Beverly Hills or Hollywood Hills, but it is clear that the luxury estates in Brentwood are homes— comfortable and loving environments.

    They come in an impressive display of styles, from European, Contemporary, Mid-Century Modern, and Mediterranean. Home sizes vary, from sizable single-family homes to sprawling estates nestled in the higher foothills of the neighborhood.

    The neighbors

    Brentwood has celebrity residents, but the population is more diverse than one might expect. Thanks to its proximity to West Hollywood and the University of Los Angeles, California (UCLA), Brentwood is also home to wealthy Los Angeles families, successful young professionals, and UCLA faculty members and students. This mix greatly contributes to Brentwood’s slow and laidback lifestyle.

    Other things to love

    Los Angeles, Hollywood, and celebrity culture can feel suffocating, and in Brentwood, people have space and the freedom to breathe. The general ambiance is friendly and open, with the local community having a soft spot for the great outdoors and the active lifestyle.

    There are plenty of locally-owned restaurants and specialty shops, but the Brentwood Farmers Market is the place to source fresh and organic produce.

    A variety of outdoor recreational opportunities are just a stone’s throw away from Brentwood. Meanwhile, the Getty Center is the premier cultural attraction in town.


    Venice CA homes for sale

    Eclectic, energetic, and effervescent, Venice is at the peak of beachfront living in Westside Los Angeles. The local lifestyle revolves around the beach. You can see it on the numerous surf shops that line the streets of the neighborhood, the beautiful crowds of people sunbathing, surfing, or skating, and the excellent selection of modern beachfront homes.

    The market

    Venice real estate is best known for luxury waterfront properties in the form of modern apartments, bungalows, and single-family homes in Mediterranean and classic Californian styles. This isn’t the only thing that sets it apart from the previous neighborhoods. Venice is much smaller in land area, and so, do not expect expansive beachfront estates. That said, who needs acreage here? When you live in Venice, the beach and its sundry charms and activities are a short walk from your doorstep.

    The neighbors

    Venice is well-known for its bohemian and laidback spirit. That attracts a diverse range of people. And so, the local population is made up of artists, young entrepreneurs, skaters (amateur, professional, or simply hobbyists), and surfers who simply can’t stay away from the beach and the waves. The community is mostly young, making it a prime location to meet all sorts of people.

    Other things to love

    Venice is home to a tight-knit community that takes pride in the neighborhood and all of its offerings, including the local restaurants and retail shops. As such, there is a strong inclination to support the businesses in the area. It is not hard, as Venice is home to great dining and shopping. You will find more local establishments in Venice’s back streets, which are always worth exploring.

    Surfing and skating are not the only activities to try in Venice. Venice Beach is a hotspot for all sorts of creative activities. You can meet new people and pick up a new hobby or skill. If you prefer your solitude but still enjoy the energy of Venice, the Boardwalk is a prime place to go people-watching and enjoy the sunset.

    Hancock Park

    Hancock Park homes for sale

    Located right in the heart of Central Los Angeles, Hancock Park-Wilshire has several characteristics that make it a highly attractive place to live. It is ideally located and served by two main thoroughfares: Wilshire Boulevard and 3rd Street. Koreatown, Miracle Mile, West Hollywood, and the Sunset Strip are all a short distance away. There are many cultural landmarks in the area as well as exciting dining options.

    The market

    Hancock Park’s history plays a part in the luxury real estate options in the neighborhood. The community was established in the 1920s, and you can see vestiges of this in the form of magnificent Tudor and Italian Revival luxury estates scattered throughout the area. These properties add a layer of romance to an otherwise busy and lively enclave.

    Although Hancock Park is in Central Los Angeles, the lots here are spacious. Most of the luxury single-family homes in the area boast broad lawns that allow for outdoor living and enhanced curb appeal. If a detached home is not to your taste, Hancock Park-Wilshire real estate also features high-rise apartments and upscale flats.

    The neighbors

    Hancock Park-Wilshire has a wide range of real estate options for different price points. The neighborhood’s central location makes it a high-traffic area. Last but not the least, there are a handful of top-rated private schools in the area. As such, a diverse group of people lives in Hancock Park-Wilshire, including professionals, families, as well as its fair share of celebrities and other Hollywood personalities.

    Other things to love

    It is a busy neighborhood compared to the previous communities on this list, but that is part of its charm. You will always find things to do in Hancock-Wilshire. A bevy of museums is all but a walking distance away. Wilshire Boulevard is home to a great variety of shops and restaurants. The Grove, one of the best shopping destinations in Los Angeles, is also located nearby. Add access to great schools and amenities and you have a central neighborhood that has everything you need for urban living.

    Sunset Strip

    Sunset Strip LA real estate

    When it comes to Los Angeles nightlife and entertainment, no other place can top the legendary Sunset Strip. But this iconic 1.5-mile stretch offers more than recreational pursuits. The Sunset Strip remains, to this day, as one of the most coveted places to live in Los Angeles. Past the main drab, the neighborhood transforms into a verdant community filled with fantastic luxury real estate perched on the hillside. Up here, the Sunset Strip is peaceful and quiet.

    The market

    Without a doubt, the Sunset Strip is one of the hottest and consistent real estate markets in Los Angeles. There are diverse luxury real estate options, including cozy bungalows, high-end apartments along or near Sunset Boulevard, and hillside estates that enjoy awe-inspiring views of Downtown Los Angeles.

    Architectural styles in the Sunset Strip are a well-mixed basket of classic and modern designs. There are vintage and contemporary standouts which makes this eclectic neighborhood all the more pleasing if you are a fan of architecture and design.

    The neighbors

    The people who live in the Sunset Strip are just as eclectic as the luxury homes in the area. You will meet all kinds of people, from models and aspiring actors to established names in Hollywood, entrepreneurs, professionals, and creatives working in Hollywood. A sizable portion of people in the Sunset Strip are long-time residents, but you will also get to brush shoulders who are only living in the area for a short period of time.

    Other things to love

    The best clubs and live music entertainment are found along the Sunset Strip. One of the most notable names on the Strip is The Viper Room, an iconic haunt for live rock music both up-and-coming and established. Chateau Marmont is another neighborhood landmark that has been open since the 1920s. But if you are looking for a reprieve, the Sunset Strip has a renowned culinary scene, a collection of kitschy stores, some outdoor recreation, and weekend hangout spots.


    Location Matters

    Where your luxury home is located not only impacts your lifestyle but your overall real estate investment as well.

    When choosing where to buy a luxury home in Los Angeles, consider your lifestyle, needs, and real estate goals. Take a closer look at all of the neighborhoods you like with Ben Kruger. He will give you all the information you need for a deeper understanding of each market, enabling you to find the luxury home that is perfect for you.

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